Class Descriptions

stretchBeginner Ballet/Burlesque Fusion
This introductory class will focus on the development of grace and elegance through basic ballet techniques. Non- Burlesque Dancers are also welcome. Please have a pair of socks or ballet slippers and come dressed to move.

Open Adult Ballet Class –  led by Jennifer Bezaire:  Find joy in dance with other like minded adults! Build strength with flexibility, refine your technique, improve your control and fluidity of movement, learn something new and have FUN! Class is structured systematically: warmup, barre, centre practice and cool down enables participants to organize their energy, alignment, and connect with their bodies. Let this class inspire you to dance through life and move like we breath: effortlessly and efficiently with grace supported by dynamic power. This class will MOVE therefore previous experience is recommended. Arrive early to warm-up and empty your mind. e-mail for information

Foundation Belly Dance – class is for all levels of dance experience and to familiarize dancers to the Desert Beat Technique which is used in other classes. More details about class on website at

Oriental Belly Dance – focus will be on choreography while applying the Desert Beat Techniques, thus it is strongly encouraged to also take the Foundations Belly Dance class. Cane will be required for second choreography. Further details on website at

MP1D-1631Tribal Belly Dance – will be a combination of American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion. Zills will be required for this class, see website for suggestion of where to purchase them,

Performance Belly Dance – class will focus on being a performer and what you can do to add to the audience’s experience. Class will be by membership card, and only open to those registered in classes offered on Monday by Desert Beats. See website for more details,

SpineConditioning: A fun low impact exercise based class which combines stretch and tone exercises, yoga moves and dance with cheeky routines! Suitable for all body types and levels of fitness. Body Positive Zone!

_Y1A2511_fbBurlesque Level 1 Intro: An introduction to the art of the “tease” including glove and stocking peels, parasols and fans, pastie making workshop, boa techniques, tassel twirling and the art of the striptease.

Burlesque Continued Studies: A continuation of level 1, this class focuses on character development and choreographic techniques. For the more advanced student who is looking towards creating new works and furthering technical practices.

Burlesque Group Routines – Learn a fun and easy piece of choreography by Headmistress Purr each term and get a chance to perform at one of the Rosebud Burlesque special events! No experience required.

scentModern Dance – A recreational contemporary dance class combining various techniques such as Limon and Graham technique with creative choreography skill building. Suitable for all levels of experience!

Tap Dance – A beginner class where newbies are welcome or folks who have been off dancing for a while! Come join in the fun and make some noise!

Open studio: $10 drop in fee for a 1 hour use of shared studio space with others for rehearsing and piece development. Jackie Latendresse will be on hand for feedback and constructive criticism.

Please note* Drop in’s are welcome in most classes but please call to confirm. Drop in fee $25 per class.



Classes are 1hr 10min in length.  During the hour we take part in short mediations, dance, and a short art project.  Each week we journey through a different chakra and on the final week we integrate all of the information together.
Chakradance is a creative movement activity that facilitates an outlet for creative expression, is a stress reliever, gives you a heightened sense of clarity and inspiration, improves emotional health, and improved confidence and self-esteem.
Dancers need to come with an open mind.  I advise dancers wear something comfortable.  We dance in barefoot so participants need to keep that in mind.  The class is held mostly in the dark and eye coverings will be provided if the participants prefer that.  This helps the dancer to be more focused on themselves rather than others around them.