The Brain Body Connection

June 23rd is the next session!

Join us on Sunday June 23rd for two amazing professional development dance workshops at the Free Flow Dance Centre in Saskatoon.
Admission by donation- Suggested Donation $10-$20.

Workshop #1 with Newton Moraes – Toronto 1:00-2:15 pm
African- Brazilian Dance

Newton Moraes will teach elements of Samba, Capoeira, Batuque, Candomble and other Brazilian dance styles. Each student will gain some very valuable insights into Newton’s way of creating dance that incorporates elements of Brazilian, African, Native Brazilian dance.

Newton Moraes studied at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Moraes has developed a singular, mesmerizing style, which blends Brazilian dance with international dance traditions. Newton Moraes has more than 20 years experience teaching kids, youth and adults in. He has been invited to teach in some of the most prestigious places in Brazil, Colombia, USA, Canada, and Germany, including the Dance Department at Unicamp University in Campinas – Sao Paulo/Brazil, Dance Department at the Anhembi-Morumbi University in Sao Paulo/Brazil, Theatre Department at the Federal University in Porto Alegre -Brazil. In Canada Newton has invited to teach at the Pulse Conference for youth at the Dance Department at York University, Code Conference at OISE – University of Toronto, National Ballet of Canada, The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Ballet Creole, COBA-Collective of Black Artists, Studio 303 in Montreal, Saskatoon. In Germany Newton Moraes has been invited every year to teach and perform with his company in many cities and Festivals including: Ritual Festival in Aub, Abraxas Theatre in Augusburg, Salon 77 in Wurzburg, Tanz fur Tolerance in Bonn, Audimax Theatre in Bielefeld, Music Department at the University of Bielefeld, Fabrik Postdam in Potsdam, Makal City Theatre in Stuttgart, Solo Dance Festival in Wurzburg, Theatre House in Dusseldorf.

Workshop #2 with Tessa Kuz – Toronto 2:30-3:45 pm
Presence in Motion

Participants will be guided through a series of improvisational movement ideas. Together we will practice listening to impulse, feeling sensation, and giving ourselves to the space and the people we share it with. A game of circumstance, thought, image, feeling, energy, and embodying it all. Using movement and physicality we crumble away the “untruth” and aim to see through the facade of pretense—what is expected, known, or familiar to our physical sense of self.

Tessa Kuz is a creator of all sorts. Photography, Film, Dance, and Writing have been her main outlets for creative expression. Most recently, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Ryerson University majoring in Performance Dance. Her most recent solo performance, “Of Open Eyes: departure” was commissioned by Huronia Cultural Campus and performed alongside Canadian artists Margie Gillis and Heidi Strauss in Orillia, Ontario. She currently works closely with Kate Hilliard of Granite Motion Gallery. She is passionate about ensuring accessibility within Arts Education and using her work to link dance to individual growth and collective empowerment.

Stay tuned for details on other upcoming workshops for emerging and dance professionals at the Free Flow Dance Centre.