Upcoming Workshops

Brain Body Connection Workshop Series June 18th 12-2pm 



Free Flow Dance Theatre and the W.I.P. New Dance Series is pleased to present a FREE Professional Development workshop opportunity to the movement community of Saskatoon and area!
Dancers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to attend! Please share the info.

Workshop led by Jessie Garon and Shannon Litzenberger of Toronto Ontario.

Drawing from core principles of physical improvisation and contemporary dance technique, we will explore how to work with uncertainty, encouraging ourselves to become overwhelmed, and discover playfulness, pleasure, effort and a sense of humor. Together we will make sensory connections, generate distinct movement qualities, cultivate empathetic response, and investigate elements of choreography and composition such as time, shape, and space.

Through guided physical exploration, structured improvisation and movement-based games and exercises, we will practice using the body as a sensitive, generative, intelligent and responsive instrument of communication, navigating through a constantly shifting environment. This practice will enhance our ability to be present, as well as to effectively embody emotion and intention.

This workshop is open to participants with or without previous movement experience.

Give Good Face Workshop

July 19th 6:30-8pm with Rosebud Burlesque Club


Come learn how to give good face with founder and director Headmistress Purr of the Rosebud Burlesque Academy!
She will combine various techniques for effective “on stage” facial expressions with make up tips to enhance your “look”. The class will work with the different types of gaze, making eye contact and general psychology of eye movements.
Learn to direct and hold your viewers attention with your eyes and face, make suggestions of how they should feel while watching you and bring more power to your stage prescence.
Workshop fee $20
Please contact us to register for the class. Thank you!